Indywidualny Kod Równowagi ®

(PL) Holistyczny program obejmujący odżywianie, aktywność fizyczną, suplementację, pracę nad stresem i motywację. Program jest opracowany na podstawie wybranych badań diagnostycznych, takich jak badania krwi, badania poziomu hormonów, testów flory jelitowej, testów na nietolerancje pokarmowe IgG i IgA i testów genetycznych...

Dietary consultations

They are divided into the first consultation and consultation dietary control. The first consultation: Includes discussion of current diet and lifestyle person, blood tests, bounce earlier surveys and carried out will be thorough, in-depth interview, during which ask for food, disease, family medical history, etc...

Ayurvedic consultations

Take advantage of ancient knowledge and take care of the balance to enjoy the physical and mental health. Ayurveda is numbering more than 5,000 years of Indian natural medicine. The treatment is based on the theory maintain a perfect balance between the state of physical, mental and spiritual man.

Coaching processes

To achieve health should be free from stress. Stress is one of the causes of diseases. Life coaching your time. You ask yourself whether you have the life that drive. If you do not - you can change it, you feel it's like you really want.


Lectures preparing to order. I'm involved both in industry events, as well as speeches for companies, organizations or schools. Nutritional education is part of the mission of my company. I like to take on new challenges.


The offer workshops soon.