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Justyna Salamonowicz-Gustaw


  • I think that we are different and that is why everyone needs an individual approach
  • I focus on my clients rather than symptoms
  • I have time for my clients
  • I am honest
  • I support, I don’t judge


  • Strengthen the immune system and pinpoint the root-cause of disease
  • Regain health and vitality, remove the symptoms of disease, reduce weight, feel better and rejuvenate
  • Find your balance, understand what is good for you and what is not
  • Calm your mind and achieve goals related to your health and personal development

I’m listening to stories of my clients and I treat everyone very individually. I don’t apply ready-to-use, general guidelines. As a certified dietitian, health coach, Ayurveda consultant and yoga instructor, I combine cross-domain knowledge to achieve the best results.  I analyze impact of diets and lifestyle on a human condition and aging.  I examine factors that can minimize risks of diet-related illnesses. For my clients I recommend not only what changes to apply to eating habits, but also to lifestyle, what supplements to use and how to manage stress using relaxation techniques.

My Story

I worked in corporations, advertising and PR agencies. Personally I have always been interested in people and healthy lifestyle. I traveled, practiced sports and ate “healthy”. I was always on the run. I had problems with bowel, couldn’t sleep, was nervous, losing hair, swelling, had severe headaches lasting for weeks, mood swings and many others, but I did not put the pieces together.

The first breakthrough came when after I had lived in Italy for a several years – a place where slow life movement was born  – the idea of ​​a real life. I tasted good food and learned how to live a moment and notice the charms of everyday life. In Italy women are beautiful, food is delicious and wine has rich flavor. It helped me understand that it is never too late (or too early) to live the way I want.

I returned to Poland, but not to corporation.

The second breakthrough came when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto. I panicked, unsuccessfully looking for help and solutions other than taking pills. I thought that if I didn’t not I get specialists’ help and information, the disease would consume the remains of my energy. But I didn’t give up. I felt that I could do something to feel better. I wanted to know what I can do to give myself a chance for a better life.

The third breakthrough came with my education. It was a long way through learning, experiments, that led me eventually to the place where I am today. I fought with myself, and I am grateful that fate has rewarded my determination. I combined everything I’d learned, I developed a program that allowed me to gradually regain balance. It was an important motivating factor and a foundation of my business. Today I am optimistic woman who has no symptoms of the disease and want to share my knowledge. To be in this place, I’ve finished a lot of schools, training, courses, participated in many webinars, read many books and spent many hours searching for knowledge. I’ve met many wonderful people who were my inspiration and motivation for further exploration. Every day I learn something new and will never start to think that I know everything.

Create your own story

You can:

  • feel light and young
  • regain vitality
  • lose weight or gain weight
  • find the root cause of the disease
  • get control over Hashimoto or other disease that bothers you
  • get rid of symptoms such as headaches, abdominal pain, allergies, food intolerances, and others
  • lower level of Cholesterol
  • take care of the guts
  • improve eficiency of the immune system
  • reach your goals

Take care of yourself.

My Mission

I’ve always wanted to help others – long time ago I planned to become a voulenteer and support orphans in some remote part of the world. Now I’ve found my mission – to help people improving their comfort of living.


  • I practice yoga and meditation
  • I run
  • I love to travel far away from home
  • I make photos (of people and food mostly)
  • I like to experiment when cooking
  • I am a constitutional Vata