Ayurvedic consultations


Ayurvedic consultations

Take advantage of ancient knowledge and take care of the balance to enjoy the physical and mental health.

Ayurveda is numbering more than 5,000 years of Indian natural medicine. The treatment is based on the theory maintain a perfect balance between the state of physical, mental and spiritual man. The imbalance between the two leads to diseases – and this is due to poor diet, poor digestion, metabolism and poor sustained excretion, stress, sleep disorders, environmental pollution, production and accumulation of toxins.

Ayurvedic consultation – includes analysis of the current health situation of the person and develop an individual plan to improve physical and mental condition based on the type psychosomatic, lifestyle, exercise and diet. Diagnosis combines information from several sources, such as observation of the physical characteristics of the body, its appearance and shape of the pulse diagnosis, and in-depth interview.

Ayurvedic consultation can be carried out independently, or it may be one of the elements of the program of diet and coaching.

Learn to live in harmony with his own nature, overcome disease and enjoy vitality.