Dietary consultations


Dietary consultations

They are divided into the first consultation and consultation dietary control.

First consultation

It includes a discussion of current diet and lifestyle person, blood tests, bounce earlier surveys and carried out will be thorough, in-depth interview, during which ask for food, disease, history of the disease in the family, etc. will be analyzed body composition on a professional medical device and examine blood pressure.
During the first consultation, the patient gets my verbal guidance to work on themselves and possible recommendations for broader diagnostic (perform other blood tests, tests for food intolerances or analysis of bacterial flora). We will discuss the purpose and strategy for further dietary management.

Consultation control

Subsequent visits will be carried out in a similar way: body composition analysis, check nutritional diary, analysis of blood tests, discussion of diet (evaluation mood, difficulties in applying the diet, suggestions, go to the next stages of the diet), and motivation.

After consulting the modification of the control patient receives recommendations.

For details, my patients receive an e-mail.