Dietary consultations


Dietary consultations

There two types of consultations – first consultation and control consultations.

First consultation

It includes a discussion on current diet and lifestyle of the person, review of blood tests, earlier surveys and additional materials. A thorough, in-depth interview will be carried out reagrding food habits, undergone diseases, history of family diseases, etc. Body composition analysis as well and blood pressure measurment will be performed using medical-grade professional devices.

On first consultation, patient will get my verbal guidance how to proceed and recommendations for additional diagnostic (i.e. blood tests, food intolerances test, genetic test or analysis of bacterial flora). We will discuss the purpose and strategy for further dietary management.

Control consultations

Subsequent visits will be carried out in a similar way: body composition and blood pressure measurement,  analysis of nutrition diary, analysis of additional tests, discussion on applying diets (mood, difficulties, suggestions, progress) and motivation.

If required, I will provide changes to the diet or additional recommendations.

After each consultation, my patient will receive an e-mail with details.